Modop in Yaoundé

Modop is partner of the international meeting process for debate and proposals on governance in Africa initiated by the Institute for Research and debate on Governance (IRG) in Paris. The meeting that took place in Yaounde from the 22nd to the 24th of November is the Central African stop in this Africa-wide meeting process. The first took place in Bamako (Mali, 2007), the second in Polokwane (South Africa, 2008), the third in Arusha (Tanzania, 2009).

The methodology of the meeting is intercultural, cross-disciplinary and inter-actor in its approach. The Yaounde meeting gathered participants from Cameroon, Gabon, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, the DRC and Chad.

The programme was structured according to three themes: the sources of legitimacy; the articulation between the different sources of legitimacy through the issue of land management and questioning constitutions and constitutionalism: are they a source of legitimate power? Do they reflect the social pluralism of the country concerned?

What mainly came out of the debates is a three-fold statement:

  1. In Central Africa, the different sources of legitimacy creates a political competition between actors and their power.
  2. The main paradigms being  tradition, religion, traditional beliefs, state power and international legitimacy.
  3. A top-down legitimacy : the actors in search of power and recognition look for them at the official and state level. References to the population expression of its consent was rare.


For the first time in the African meeting process, the issue of identity emerged connected to the competing sources of legitimacy: ethnicity and the identity defined on the basis of territory.

In-depth analytical documents in line with the Yaounde debate will soon be available on this site. The proceedings will be published by March 2011.

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